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Foot Levelers Orthotics in Frankfort

Dr. Brian McGuckin, D.C., DABCI has found orthotics are helpful in keeping your alignment in place longer.

Orthotics address instability from the ground up.

A Great Foundation Means a Happier You

Many people don’t realize the power orthotics has to restore health. Orthotics are custom-made shoes or shoe inserts that help balance your body by creating a stable foundation.

The Precise Solution for a Great Foundation

Dr. Brian McGuckin, D.C., DABCI will do an examination to determine if Foot Levelers can help regain overall well-being. If it is the right option for you, you will stand on the onsite laser measuring device at our office in Frankfort. The precise laser measurements, plus some photos, are used to create a custom, superior product for you to use on a daily basis.

2 Ways Incorporate Orthotics in Your Life

  1. Orthotics provide support and stabilization of three arches in your foot. You can choose between custom inserts in your existing shoes or altogether new, custom-made shoes that offer proper foot and knee support with style.
  2. In addition to exact measurements, orthotics take into account your activity level and preferred shoe style. You can choose very thin inserts or thick, padded ones for constant heavy work. For pre-fitted shoes, options include Merrell, Brooks, and even sandals for support in warmer weather.

Take a Step Toward Healing: Contact Us Today

You do not have to be a chiropractic patient with Dr. Brian McGuckin Laboratory Nutrition Chiropractic Internist to schedule an appointment for orthotics.

Contact us now to learn more or book an appointment.


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