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Lab Testing in Frankfort

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MicroscopeOur practice focuses on diet and nutrition to help your body repair itself by rebuilding at a cellular level. Our laboratory testing process provides the information needed to create a your plan to achieving better health and wellness.

We offer the following:

30-day Hormone Testing—This test gives us a complete map of your progesterone output, estrogen levels, and when ovulation occurs.

Adrenal Testing—helps to track cortisol levels to improve sleep patterns and provide more energy to deal with daily tasks.

Bone Density Testing—we aim to improve bone density by building new bone cells. These seven tests help us determine the nutrients needed to meet and exceed the cell’s energy requirements.

Foods and More Sensitivity Testing—delayed onset sensitivity testing helps us determine if your immune system’s responses are harmful and causing inflammation in your body.

Hair Analysis—part of our comprehensive testing to monitor overall health.

Hormone Testing—many women suffer from menopause symptoms such as night sweats, bladder control, and poor sleep. Hormone deficiencies may cause problems with other bodily systems, creating a bigger problem.

Inflammation and Leaky Gut Testing—we know that the gut microbiome profoundly affects our body’s systems. These tests help identify causes of inflammation and leaky gut syndrome, allowing us to address the problem directly and improve health.

Inflammation Testing—inflammation in the body makes it difficult for healing and repair to happen. Testing helps chart a pathway to reduce inflammation and support healing.

Sensitivity Testing—identifies areas of hidden sensitivity and ways to decrease reactions, helping to reduce mucus buildup and bronchial inflammation, making breathing easier.

Thyroid Testing—the thyroid hormones control how fast or slow the body works. Discovering how well the thyroid works can dramatically affect your quality of life.

Vitamin D Testing—Vitamin D is a nervous system communication hormone that helps tissue and organs stay healthy. Since it works with so many different areas of the body, it’s essential to ensure the levels are where they need to be.

These tests allow us to better understand what’s going on in your body so we can properly address the problems and develop the best plan for improving your health.

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