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Foods and More Sensitivity Testing in Frankfort

Find Causes of Inflammation with Delayed Onset Sensitivity Testing

Woman smiling over her shoulderYour Immune System has protective and harmful responses. A protective response is a wound healing. A harmful response is when your immune system attacks you.

There are white blood cells called T Lymphocytes that are activated when something is wrong. This activation leads to inflammation throughout your body. You can identify what is stimulating this T Lymphocyte activation.

The ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies Lymphocyte Response Assay® will identify these triggers that lead to these inflammation causing reactions.

This test has a 97% reproducibility for over 406 Foods, Additives, Chemicals, Colorings, Molds, Preservatives, and Toxic Metals.

The Goal is to identify what is causing the inflammation to Avoid, Detoxify, and Repair.

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