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Vitamin D Testing in Frankfort

Importance and Absorption: The Importance of Vitamin D

Heart hands around the sunVitamin D is a nervous system communication hormone helping tissue and organs stay healthy. Receptors are present in the breast, prostate, and lower colon. Your whole body needs vitamin D, not just the bones. Vitamin D transports Thyroid hormones from the cell wall into the nucleus of the cell.

If Vitamin D is low the thyroid hormone may not be able to stimulate the cell to function properly resulting in low thyroid symptoms. Vitamin D boosts your immune system so you will not be as susceptible to viruses. This is why cold season typically occurs as the seasons change. When vitamin D is low your white blood cells cannot communicate quickly enough to knock out a virus.

  • Vitamin D regulates calcium absorption for bones.
  • Vitamin D is a mood elevator. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a result of low Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin D protects brain function.


Vitamin D can have a difficult time being absorbed. Boston Medical College found that people with weak intestines (digestive disturbances and Leaky Gut Syndrome) did not absorb Vitamin D easily. We use a specialized vitamin D oil that has a very high absorption rate.

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