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Thyroid Testing in Frankfort

Know Your Optimal Levels Your Thyroid

Woman drinking coffeeThe Thyroid makes hormones by using proteins and iodine. Thyroid hormones regulate how slow or fast your body works. Living your best life can be hindered by a poorly working thyroid.

Thyroid Issues

The immune system can attack the thyroid gland leading to an inflammatory condition called Thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s disease. This happens because the sac that covers the thyroid is no longer protecting the gland and the immune system is attacking the thyroid.

Low thyroid hormone production (Hypothyroid) can happen to anyone. Hyperthyroid is not seen as often but is a real health issue. Testing is important to determine where to start.

Thyroid symptoms are the following: Anxious, Cold, Depression, Hair Loss, and Weight Loss or Gain.

Thyroid Solutions

The goal is to use testing to identify if your thyroid is producing hormones in the optimal ranges. We want your thyroid to be at healthy optimal levels, not on the edges of the reference range.

Hashimoto’s requires the repair of the sac that encapsulates the thyroid. This is a nutritional and an immune system repair. When the sac is restored the antibodies that signal the white blood cell attack on the thyroid diminish. The result is a leveling of the thyroid hormone and a healthier you.

If we find that your thyroid needs a specialist we would gladly help with the referral.

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Take charge of your thyroid health

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