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Sensitivity Testing in Frankfort

Discover Relief From Mucus and Bronchial Inflammation

Woman at grocery storeImmediate Allergic Reactions are often self evident. You would eat something and in less than an hour have a runny nose or mucus build occurring in the bronchial tubes. An allergist can test this with a skin scratch test. This is called IgE – Immediate testing.

There is a second pathway for delayed onset reactions, this pathway is often called hidden sensitivities as the inflammation begins 2 hours to 4 days after exposure and can last up to 3 weeks.

White blood cells, T Lymphocytes, react causing inflammation in the airways leading to your symptoms. You need to know what is causing the white cells to be activated.

The ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies Lymphocyte Response Assay Test® is 97% accurate. This is the Gold Standard of Sensitivity Testing with 406 items: Foods, Additives, Chemicals, Colorings, Molds, Preservatives, and Toxic Metals.

Once we have this information we can set up a personalized diet and detoxification plan specific to your test results.

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